Systemic Change

After a case is resolved, my clients often ask me how they might help families who are less fortunate: “What do parents do when they don’t have access to an attorney or advocate?”

Others ask how they can help improve special education for other students: “My child is in a good placement, but how do we help all the other students in the public school?”

My answer is always the same: support Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC).

MAC has led the charge with its partners in pushing through every major piece of special education and school discipline legislation in Massachusetts. From the Autism IEP Act (requiring that districts specifically address the needs of students on the Autism spectrum), to ensuring that students who have experienced trauma can access education, to the recent sweeping school discipline reform – MAC is a force.

Each donation to MAC helps students: both individual students through MAC’s case work; and students across the Commonwealth through MAC’s systemic advocacy. I’ve seen it first hand, having had the pleasure to spend the first five years of my career at MAC. You can’t get “more bang for your buck” than with a donation to MAC.

MAC’s staff is indefatigable, and its approach to advocacy is cutting edge – which is why MAC is the single nonprofit that my family supports.

Please consider supporting MAC through donation or sponsoring MAC’s Gala this year. If you’re attending the Gala, let me know, and I look forward to seeing you there.

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